Cricket news Cricket updates Cronavirus Today :New +475 Deaths New Cases +4,207

Cronavirus Today :New +475 Deaths New Cases +4,207

New Cases : +4207 Total Cases : 35713
Deaths: +475 Total Deaths: 2978
Pray For Italy, Stay Strong Italy!??❤??

Italy: COVID-19 has infected 2,629 health workers, or 8.3% of the total (more than twice the percentage in China), as of yesterday March 17 [source]. In Bergamo (Lombardy region), 118 out of about 600 family doctors (20%) have been infected, and a 65-year-old doctor has died [source]. Today, a 57-year-old doctor has died: he was the secretary of the Federation of General Practitioners of Lodi [source]. A week ago, a 67-year-old family doctor, president of the Varese Medical Association, had died [source]

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